The Issues

Manny wants to be a much-needed champion that fights for these key issues:

Fixing the gender wage gap.

Manny vividly remembers his mother struggling to make ends meet, and could not understand then that a system that refuses to pay women equally to men; is a system that allows women to suffer in poverty, to suffer homelessness, and finally to be abused.

Increasing minimum wage.

Manny believes that no full-time working person should have to live in poverty. In places like Reading, an increase of the minimum wage can have a drastic impact on the local economy, and provide a much-needed spark to our community. Ensuring that workers are provided a living wage, will go a long way to stabilizing neighborhoods like Reading.

Ending mass incarceration.

The State of Pennsylvania has the 7th largest inmate population in the country; it also spends $2 billion per year on propping up a system that divides families all across the commonwealth. This vicious system separates families, and leaves communities of color vacant of male leadership. We can, and must do better.